Worship, Prayer & Nurture


Sunday Worship

The heart of our life is the 10:30am Parish Communion on Sunday morning. This service is normally attended by approximately 65-70 adults and 10-15 young people.

We use contemporary language and produce a service booklet every week in which is contained the text of the service, together with the hymns, readings and prayers for the day. Our worship style could be best described as ‘relaxed formality’ and we encourage the participation of all our members. We welcome the ministry of women, be they lay people, Readers, Deacons or Priests.

Children At Worship

We like having young people around. During our Parish Communion Service, we run a creche and Sunday Club for our younger worshippers.

On the first Sunday of every month, our main act of worship at 10:30am is a 'Communion Service for Children of All Ages'. Although this service is designed to appeal to all comers, it has a particular leaning toward our younger worshippers and is a natural gathering place for children, their parents or carers.

Weekday Worship

On Wednesday mornings, Morning Prayer is said in the Church at 9am.

Parish Prayer Cycle

We like to pray for one another and for all who live and work in our parish. To help us do this, we have a monthly Prayer Cycle, in the course of which all members are prayed for on specific days. Every member receives an email or a postcard reminding them that 'today is their day.'

In our Prayer Cycle, we also pray for organisations and institutions in the parish, and we email them to let them know that we are remembering them as well.

View a copy of our Parish Prayer Cycle.


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